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Hand in Paw - Fyn Jewelry and Panthera Africa's Collaboration

A Union of Beauty, Craftsmanship, and Purpose

Fyn Jewelry, a brand renowned for its meticulously handcrafted pieces from Hermanus, South Africa, has joined forces with Panthera Africa, a sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of Big Cats. This extraordinary partnership celebrates not just the allure of artisanal jewelry, but also the preservation of wildlife and a shared commitment to sustainability. 

Arabella the Tiger


Jewelry with a Cause

In this groundbreaking collaboration, Fyn Jewelry offers a range of their spectacular pieces through Panthera Africa’s website and curio shop. The highlight of the collection are the three one-of-a-kind silver necklaces, featuring Fynbos set in 3D Diamond Glass Resin within Sterling Silver pawprints crafted by Cheia Jewellery. These unique pieces were created specifically for Panthera Africa’s annual fundraising auction. 

Moreover, Fyn Jewelry goes beyond highlighting its line of artisanal pieces. For every purchase made through any platform - online, curio shop, or auction - Fyn Jewelry pledges to donate 10% of the sales value back to Panthera Africa. This is a significant stride towards supporting the sanctuary and its cause.

Fynbos Necklace in Silver Paw Print Shape
Paw Print Auction Exclusive Fyn Jewelry Necklace


A Special Discount for All

To amplify the donations to Panthera by boosting sales, Fyn Jewelry is extending the joy of owning its masterpieces to everyone. Therefore, anyone can now redeem a 10% discount on any purchase from Just enter the coupon code ‘PANTHERA10’ at checkout and own Fyn Jewelry at a discounted rate, while also making a difference.

Lion Picture with Discount Coupon Text
Use coupon code 'PANTHERA10' for 10% Discount at


A Collaboration Born in the Wild

The collaboration between Fyn Jewelry and Panthera Africa merges artistry, passion for wildlife, and dedication to sustainability. It underlines a common mission: to support local communities, promote conscious consumerism, and work towards the preservation of South Africa’s unique biodiversity.

It is about embracing a piece of South Africa’s natural heritage and contributing to its preservation. By buying a Fyn Jewelry piece, you are making a statement of support for Panthera Africa’s cause.

Thank you for your support image taken at Panthera Africa


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