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Jewelry with a Purpose: Fyn’s Partnership with Panthera Africa

Dear Fyn Jewelry Admirers, 

We are thrilled to unveil another significant partnership with Panthera Africa, spotlighting our meticulously handcrafted Fynbos Jewelry. This new and exclusive collection embodies the spirit of Panthera Africa’s sanctuary and our mutual dedication to conservation. 

Our collection introduces two distinctive designs: the “Walk with a Purpose” paw pendant and the “Embrace your Wild Heart” heart pendant. The paw pendant symbolizes our collective admiration for Panthera Africa’s cats and offers a moment of reflection. The heart pendant invites you to connect with your inner wilderness. 

Each pendant, a fragment of Panthera Africa’s world, is crafted with fynbos harvested from their premises. Encased in pure silver and set in diamond glass resin, these pendants are paired with a stamped silver chain, blending durability with elegance. 

A reminder that 10% of all proceeds from this collaboration directly aid Panthera Africa’s sanctuary and its majestic inhabitants. 

Visit our website today and keep Panthera Africa’s spirit close to your heart. 


Experience Panthera Africa’s spirit with our “Walk with a Purpose” Paw pendant. This handcrafted silver pendant, shaped like a lion’s paw, encapsulates Panthera Africa’s sanctuary’s essence. It features leaves of white everlasting Fynbos flowers (Syncarpha genus), sourced directly from Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, set in diamond glass resin. Each pendant is not just a piece of jewelry, but a piece of Panthera, allowing you to carry their sanctuary’s spirit wherever you go. 

This pendant is more than an accessory—it is a connection to the wild heart of Panthera Africa. 


Unleash your inner wild with our “Embrace Your Wild Heart” Heart pendant. This heart-shaped, handcrafted silver pendant is embedded with leaves of crimson red or deep red everlasting fynbos flowers (Syncarpha genus), set in diamond glass resin. Sourced and harvested from Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, each pendant carries a piece of their sanctuary. This unique piece of jewelry allows you to carry a fragment of Panthera with you, connecting you to the wild heart of Africa. 

This pendant is more than just an accessory—it is a symbol of your wild heart. 


Please note that each piece of our jewelry is unique and handcrafted, made with the same style and materials as shown. While your purchase will closely resemble the product as shown in the images, the unique nature of handcrafting means it will not be an exact match. Rest assured, each piece is crafted with care and is guaranteed to captivate. 

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